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Many people are looking for extra income or a way to work from home. There are a lot of full-time single parents, both men and women that going to a place of work just doesn’t fit well with trying to raise a child on their own. There are many retired folks that the pension just isn’t enough to offset the constant rise in the cost of living. Then you have those who are disabled and can’t go to work, the list can go on, so Home Independence promotes work from home opportunities for those looking to make an income online…


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What’s Your Reasons For Wanting To Work From Home?

Most of us have worked or are working an 8 to 5 job or even crazier shifts than that. Some of us are lucky and have jobs that they really love and if you are one of them, I think that is great. Sadly for a majority of people, they are in jobs just so they can survive. They are in jobs they are not passionate about and practically hate because it is just what you do…

People grow up and get jobs because that is what we are taught, that is what we imitate. Sadly as we get older we seem to be conditioned not to have or use your imagination. How many of us at some point in your life wanted to have your own business, have complete in charge freedom?

You’re not alone, many people want to have their own business but what stops them is fear. Getting a job and working for someone is safe and consistent, so most people follow the path of least resistance. It is time to stop fearing failure and embrace it, learn from it and become the success you really want to be.

You are here reading this because you want to better your life, you want freedom. There are so many reasons people are looking to have their own business but FREEDOM is the biggest of them all. We want time to spend with our families, to travel or just be able to take in life without someone telling them they can’t.

My goal is to post and provide tips and benefits for you to help you get started making money online. As I come across information, products or services I think will help, you will find it here. Never give up on your dreams, be determined and consistent and you will succeed. The ones that failed are the ones that quit, don’t be a quitter…..


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As you progress in the internet marketing business, you will come to realize that the real money is in your email list that you will accumulate over time.

For newbies this might be out of your budget to start paying a high monthly Autoresponder bill, but no worries, there are afforadable options…

In time as your business grows and you are making enough money to cover monthly fees for tools, you may want to consider one of the big name services.

When I started, I couldn’t afford the big name services, so I researched my options and found a program that is as good as the big boys and it runs inside of my WordPress site. The best part, no monthly fee, just a one time low cost purchase…

I have tried the big services and I actually find them a bit cumbersome with all their wizards and the thought process of how someone would build a list and campaign. Sometimes simple is the best way to go…