Rodney ParksMy name is Rodney Parks and I have been called “Life” as a nickname by one of my best friends. He called me that because of all the experiences, skills and adventures I have under me. I am sort of a “Jack of all Trades” but unlike many, I’m a master of most. I have always used what I know and experience to help others but in the past it was more of a one on one as I met people type scale. Today we have the internet, the form of mass communications, so what better way to share my experience, knowledge and recommendations.

I started working on cars when I was six, built my first lawn mower engine when I was seven. I started mowing lawns when I was seven and because being exposed to meeting so many people, that lead intomy lawn mower working on neighbor’s lawn mowers, bicycles, motorcycles and washing and detailing cars. By the time I was fifteen, I had become a pretty good entrepreneur, my parents were asking to borrow money from me. I wasn’t rich, I was a kid so money was a means to toys and things I wanted.

I also saved my money as well but I had built up a creditable reputation with all the people I helped. At fifteen I started repairing cars, building vintage cars and street rods. I gained a great reputation for my paint jobs and mechanic abilities as well as my honesty, fair prices and hard work. With my enthusiasm to learn everything I could, I got into many other things, like welding, plumping, electrical, carpentry, computers, heavy equipment, plant maintenance and more than I can remember to write about.

I used all these skills and knowledge to obtain jobs in these fields for the experience. In all these experience came meeting people of all different genres. With that came, travel, meeting girls and several relationships, a child, even marriage and divorce. I have to say I have had a pretty full life and I am still living out my best adventure being a single full time dad.

The IT Computer WorldI had a friend talk me into getting into the IT/Computer world. I had always been technical minded, I was getting burned out with working on cars and other heavy physical labored jobs, so I thought “what the heck”, put another skill under my belt. Well that lead into over eighteen years of learning computers, servers, network infrastructure, routers, switches, LANS, WANS, software, hardware. It also lead me into asset management, procurement, finance, application development and telephony. With all this I met amazing people from all over the world, gained a respect for others ways of life, their cultures and just diplomacy all together.

I took a new job into management at a manufacturing plant, the money was great but the environment was volatile and unprofessional. I took it so I could provide a better future for my daughter but the job was killing me on availability to spend with my daughter. By chance I was offered a job by another company, the offer was fantastic hours and better pay. So I accepted, turned in my notice and went to my new place of employment, or so I thought. I wasn’t there an hour and walked in the owner whom I had not met, I was told she didn’t authorize my being hired and told me to leave.

I need a jobWell that sucked and there had to be a “Lessons Learned” in there somewhere but no matter, I needed a job. We all know today’s economy and the trend of hiring and getting good jobs isn’t that great. So I started looking into jobs where I could work from home, a position that would put me in a better place to raise my daughter and spend time with her. As everyone does, she gets older every day and it isn’t like I can hit rewind if I miss out on her life at some point. So I started my research into Affiliate and Internet Marketing, as well as other opportunities for working from home.

I liked what I discovered and the idea of how to help others by blogging and promoting what you believe in on the internet. Through everything else I have done in my life, I have always like to read and write stories. So now here this job is where I can write about topics, products, my thoughts and opinions about products and combine my experiences and usage and have topics about those.

Of course getting into trying to learn how to make money online through these means, I found more Beware of online scamsscams, lies, misdirection and programs that will never work. I wasted more money than I should have because I could never find a company or someone that could just tell me what you do to make it work. Everyone and everything was a way for them to make money off my misfortune. So I wanted to create a site that where I can share what I know, the best places to get help and the best honest programs that will help others get started without losing their life savings.

So thanks for checking out my site and I hope you not only enjoy my postings but it helps with you making good decisions on how to pursue an online career. I am a giving and helpful person by nature so in whatever way I can help, I am very glad to.


P.S. I think the lesson learned from above would be to get a written contract, all I had was an offer letter and now after this new but unwanted experience, now I know… CONTRACTS!!!!







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