How To Gain Attention For Your Home-Based Creative Business

By Guest Writer | Work From Home

Jun 17

Etsy and other online craft-selling outlets have made it exponentially easy to get your home-based creative business up and running. Not surprisingly, sites like this have also created competition, and that means it’s harder to stand out. These tips should help you get discovered and grow a successful home business doing what you love.

Home-Based Creative Business

Establish a professional environment first

Although your business is a creative one, it must also be professional. For most of us, this will be achieved by creating a professional online presence. Such as website, social media, online directories, etc. Also handling common business tasks as you would if you were running a brick-and-mortar.

For the latter, ensure that your finances stay organized with accounting software that helps you manage your money and keep up with your customers’ accounts. Look for a financial solution that helps you stay organized and maintains your information. You will also want to monitor your home office and business expenses, so that you can maximize your tax deductions.

Dare to be different

You are already creative, and that makes you different in many ways. But, if your creativity doesn’t stand out, your home-based creative business won’t be getting the attention it needs. Don’t be afraid to be different, even if that means taking extra steps to do so and charging more. Think about it this way: if your competition sells gifts, consider selling personalized gifts, which are unique and fully customized for your customer.

Set up your space

It doesn’t matter if you’re making engraved tumblers, painting, or writing jingles, you have to have a space to work. A multi-purpose studio is a great option that can also double as a home gym so you can prioritize keeping yourself healthy and energetic while you work.

Market yourself on multiple outlets

Just as you have dozens of grocery store and gas station options. Your customers have lots of different places to shop for your products or services. In this vein of thought, make a point to market yourself on more than one site.

Where you sell depends on what you do. If you are a voice actor, Logical Dollar notes that you can sell voiceovers on multiple platforms, including Fiverr. Photographers have options, too, and there are many stock photo sites that allow you to both gain exposure and get paid for unique, interesting, and professional-level photographs.

Try many different in-person showings

If you have a tangible product, such as signs, T-shirts, or keychains, get your products in front of as many people as possible with vendor events. While you may not find success at every event, Made Urban notes that you should look for craft fairs that have an online presence and an impressive existing vendor lineup.

Listen to your customers

Perhaps most importantly, if you want to find success for your home-based creative business, listen to your customers. All you have to do is ask what they want or how you can improve, and they will tell you. You can utilize social media to see what your customers are saying or simply pay attention to indicators of success, like your return rates, online product reviews, and which products are selling and which are simply taking up space on your digital or physical selves.

When you’re trying to make a living doing what you love. You have to look at your creative endeavors as a business. This means setting yourself up for success early on and looking for different avenues where you can market. Even in a sea of competition, it is possible to be successful, and it’s up to you to dare to be different so that you will stand out above the rest.

Carrie Spencer