How to Manage a Side Hustle with a 9-to-5 Job

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Jul 16

Many full-time home-based workers started working out of the home in addition to holding down regular 40-hour jobs. Not everyone can just quit. Because they wanted to work from home, for a while there, they worked a job-and-a-half. Let’s look at how to manage a side hustle job.

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Working a full-time job, fulfilling obligations in your personal life. Then still finding the time and energy for a side hustle can be a challenge. Oftentimes, self-care goes out the window, and your relationships, physical and mental health, and overall quality of life suffer. Even if the money’s good. Fortunately, finding balance isn’t impossible.

If you are currently working a side hustle while holding down a regular job, we feel you. If you’re contemplating that step, here are some practical strategies that we think can help.

Find the joy of the side hustle

Juggling more than one job would be exhausting for anyone. It can feel worth it, when you’ve got extra money to take the family out later, but in the meantime, try to find the bright side of all you do. Your regular job will make it possible for you to take it all on your own one day, and the side hustle has to be a better job anyway, or why do it?

If you have a car

Whether it’s delivering groceries, delivering packages, delivering meals, delivering people–yes, you might be doing a lot of driving, but you’ve met and helped so many people.

Another small joy is that many side-hustles require you to get out and move. Do you think mail carriers also go to the gym? The side hustle will get you out and about. At the end of the 9-to-5 day everyone else wants their groceries and their restaurant food brought to them and that’s the difference between them and you. You’re the bringer. You’re bringing it now, so you can get that work-from-home thing really going.

Take a day off

I mean really take a day off. Don’t think about the side hustle. Don’t think about work. Don’t think about that project you’ve been brewing that will let you work from home full time. Take time to rest. Time to spend some of the money you’ve accumulated. And time to check in with yourself and your relationships.

Talk to a professional

When you’ve had a breather, look at yourself from a moment of rest, then be honest. If you’ve been burning the wick at both ends, most of us can only sustain that so long. It’s okay to talk to a therapist on your day off. It’s more than okay. It might even be necessary.

Luckily, with online options to consider, you don’t have to get in the car and drive across town, which, if you need to talk to someone with a particular specialty, can be even farther away. Choose a therapist with same-day appointments available and most insurance accepted. Because of the ease and affordability, it’s not a bad idea to make therapy routine.

Get enough sleep

You may find yourself working late at the expense of a good night’s sleep. It is important to set clear boundaries to keep the extra work from taking over your life. You’ll be tired, but your mind might need to unwind before you can actually fall asleep.

Avoid any sleep aids that might be addictive or that might turn you into a zombie. And while we’re all adults and it’s okay to drink after a hard day’s work, if it’s a habit you always look forward to, and you have addictive tendencies, please tread lightly.

Focus on your nutrition

When you are busy juggling multiple jobs, it is easy to resort to quick food options like pre-packaged meals and fast foods. While they are convenient, these options typically provide the least nutrition and are not healthy. When in a state of hustle, you should focus on providing your body with sufficient nutrition to keep it going.

Take time to prepare healthy meals and if you have to eat out, go to restaurants that serve healthy food options. Healthy food should be rich in fiber, vitamins, and healthy fats. Drink plenty of water and snack on fruits, whole grains, vegetables, yogurt, and other healthy options to keep your energy levels up.

Final Thoughts

You’re working toward something that could be really big. It’s what you’ve wanted and you can do it.

In the meantime, you’re working really hard, so take joy in all of it. Your boss at your regular job? You’re going to walk away soon, so take each interaction with them as nearly the last time you’ll ever have a boss. Don’t forget to read on How To Make Working From Home Look Better. This can be helpful if you are intending to run a side hustle out of your home.


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