About Home Independence

Rodney ParksWho Am I?

Home Independence is here to offer anyone help, that wants to try and make money online or just find a work at home job.

My name is Rodney Parks, I created the Home Independence website because like many, I want to work from home.

I am a single full time dad, have been that since by child was born. As she got older, I noticed more of my time was needed than when she was little. Man did I have that backwards. I thought as she got older, the more freedom I would have, “Oh Well”.

I wouldn’t trade being a dad for anything, I take my parenting very seriously, and by that, I mean being there for her. Because that is what I want to do, having a job at a place of work just doesn’t fit my life style. So I started looking for what I could do from my home computer.

Why Am I Doing This

I lost my job back in 2013, tried out a few others, but just never found a true fit. So here I am now creating YouTube videos and writing about how to make it online. I have around 20 years of IT skills, I used to build internal websites for a corporation I worked for. We used Microsoft SharePoint, really loved it. So taking to building websites was natural for me.

However, learning a whole new skill in how search engines work and how to rank, is challenging. When I first started out, I kept finding one bad load of information after another. There are so many scams out there it isn’t funny. Everyone trying to sell you the get rich quick scheme or a course that will have you making millions by the end of the week.

So with all this unethical hype out there, misleading so many people, including myself, I wanted to have a voice. I want to share what I have learned and even help others by answering questions if they have any. Home Independence is all about providing information and offering the best and real courses that will really benefit others. You will never find a big hype product on my site, because I don’t believe in them.


From my experience, I have found to make money online is to stay true to yourself, treat others how you would want to be treated and under-promise and over deliver. I also have an automotive site and a YouTube Channel for people needing help with their cars. With a loyal following of 5.5 million views, I feel my ethical philosophy must mean something. Being good to others does pay off and not talking money, it is something that makes you feel really good.