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Internet Marketing Acronym Glossary

​Internet Marketing Acronym ​Glossary

​You have probably noticed that Internet Marketing is full of terms and especially acronyms that can blow anyone's mind. This page will be forever growing as the this language takes on new definitions all the time.

Need to know what a term or an acronym means? Continue Reading

​How To Become Your Own Boss

​How to become your on boss, discover the pros and cons of running a business all on your own. Are the risk worth the time and dedication?

Why would anyone want to become their own boss? As an employee, you can be safe without having to make big decisions. You wouldn't have to worry about ruining the business and shutting it down. However as an employee, you have no control over your future, and your pay is pretty much set for life. Continue Reading

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affiliate marketing training

​Affiliate Marketing Overview

​Affiliate Marketing Overview will give you a better understanding of the variety and types of Internet Marketing that exist and how to utilize them.

​Affiliate Marketing is where advertisers pay affiliates a commission for promoting products or services. Affiliates are expected to drive traffic to their business or products. Read on for a thorough Affiliate Marketing Overview. Continue Reading

​​Legit Work From Home Jobs

​Are you looking for legit work from home jobs? As discouraging as it can be, there are many fraudulent opportunities out there on the web, but don’t give up as there are real jobs available.

After a some long hours of research I wanted to put together a list of real jobs you can look into. You should think about what type of job would fit you best. Continue Reading

​Become Your Own Boss In Any Business

​Learn how to become your own boss in any business. Discover what you need to start a successful business, no matter if it is brick and mortar or an online business. Continue Reading

​​eCommerce Marketing Overview

​Understand what eCommerce Marketing is and discover the benefits and the disadvantages in this eCommerce marketing overview. Learn about the types of eCommerce products to sell, training and more. Continue Reading

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WordPress Autoresponder Plugin

​​Using a WordPress Autoresponder Plugin

​Learn some advantages of using a WordPress Autoresponder Plugin. You have no restrictions like with online services and no monthly fees. Free autoresponder plugins are also available, find out which works best for you. Continue Reading

​​​Internet Marketing Training And Resources

​How can anyone find you or what you are promoting without Internet Marketing Training? Discover what is needed to have a successful online business. Find out about the training and resources available to aid in becoming an online success. Continue Reading

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​​Work from home scams – the one to watch for

​“Work from home scams” are becoming more abundant these days. However, there is one that is popping up on legitimate jobs sites you need to be aware of. More and more people are searching for a secure work from home job opportunity they can actually trust.

Sadly, there are so many scams now, preying on people looking for a work at home oppotunity. One of the most popular work from home scams seems to be popping up on sites that you would normally trust. Continue Reading

​​​Living Within A Budget and Save Money

Learn ways to save money when living within a budget. Discover ways you may not be aware of that will get you cash back or even FREE products. Continue Reading

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tips on how to save money

​​​Tips On How To Save Money

​Living on a tight budget, and just not too sure where to cut corners? Learn these tips on how to save money and relieve the stress from paying bills.​ When you think about saving money, your first thought might be, “that task is for those that don’t have money”. However, that is farthest from the truth. Continue Reading

​​​​What Stay At Home Jobs Are There

​Stay at home jobs are easier to come by than you would think. Discover what is available and decide what type of work at home career you want. Telecommute opportunities are more available now. You can find stay at home jobs on Craigslist, every search engine has plenty of results and job boards everywhere has listings. Continue Reading

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woman working from home

Why do people want to work from home?

​​Have you been thinking about working from home or do you wonder why do people want to work from home? The best answer anyone can give and it is the most common reason for both, it's Freedom… It seems in today’s life, we are busier than ever, there's just never enough time. Continue Reading

​Work At Home Forum

​​Join the Work At Home Forum for sharing of experience, ideas and information to help others and yourself, find work at home opportunities. Word of mouth is sometimes the best way to spread helpful info, so if you have something to say or an opinion, I want to hear from you!!! Continue Reading

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how to set up a budget

​How To Set Up A Budget And Save

​​Setting up a budget can be a bit challenging, but realize, anyone can do it. Learn how to set up a budget and start saving money, and start buying those things you've always wanted. Once you get your budget created it will all start to make sense on how you can start spending money on things you want instead of only buying what you need. Continue Reading

​​​​​About Home Independence

​​Home Independence is here to offer anyone help, that wants to try and make money online or just find a work at home job. Continue Reading

How To Create A WordPress Website

​​How To Create A WordPress Website

​​​Want to know how to create a WordPress website? There are some very important steps you must take, before actually building your website than you would think. Before you put your website plans into action, you need to decide on what your site is going to be about. Continue Reading

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​​​​If you have questions about any of my ​articles, products, methods or just plain general type questions, please contact me. Continue Reading

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