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You would think it would be easy to make money on the internet right? But in reality, the internet isflooded internet flooded with everyone wanting to make money. Not to mention it is flooded period with everything you could think of on it. Imagine the internet being like a filing cabinet with millions of drawers, if you just tossed an idea or product in this huge filing cabinet, how would you ever find it?

Making money online through sales or promoting products or services is internet marketing, in order to stand out in front of everyone else requires marketing skills. You have to know how to write a sales page or an article to get it found on the internet, that’s why “Internet Marketing Training” is a must. I know it seems funny how a cat playing a piano can go viral but if you are offering a cure for cancer, seems like no one knows you exist.

a brick and mortar type businessRegardless if you are creating a business online or a brick and mortar business, you have to decide what type of business you want to have, starting with your niche. You have to decide what you are passionate about, what type of experiences you have that you would enjoy turning into something to offer others.

You then need to decide if you want to promote products or services for someone else, create your own product to sell or sell actual physical products. Many that get into online marketing eventually tries them all but when starting out, you need to pick one thing, learn the process, actually perfect the process and then rinse and repeat a few time before venturing off into anything else.

When you know what you are going to sell or promote, you need to brand yourself, create a business name and a logo. You want people to get to know you so by branding yourself, you are starting a reputation. Along with a business name you are going to need a domain name that compliments your business name.

traffic with SEOHaving a website is usually the best way to run a business. Along with a website you need content and the website along with your content needs to be found out on the internet. There are different ways of being found like using paid advertising and traffic or you can use SEO but in order to be successful, you have to be found.

There are many steps to having a successful online business and when someone new first tries this, it becomes overwhelming and an information overload. This is why many people do not succeed at online marketing, they get overwhelmed and quit. Luckily I found groups, programs, communities and courses that will help any newbie start off the right way and not get overwhelmed.


things you should know about internet marketing

Things you have to know in order to have a successful online business:

  • How to select a niche
  • How to refine your niche
  • How to select a domain name and where to get one from
  • How to build a website
  • How to create a logo
  • How to blog
  • How to create keywords
  • Learn SEO and how to use it
  • How to utilize social media
  • How to get traffic
  • Good marketing practices
  • Have the mindset to help others, not make money

You can do searches on each of these to learn how to do them but you will run into a variety of information that will become confusing and conflicting with other information. It is best to have a community and a course that will step you through the process from A to Z. It never hurts to research outside a course but having good training will get you the success you are wanting.

Below are resources for Internet Marketing Traing that I have or am currently using or involved with and highly recommend you taking advantage of. Learn the right way to start an online business, learn marketing, the tools you will need and the skills you will need from A to Z…

Wealthy Affiliate – This training program and community has over 580,000 members and it is free to join. The program has training in both written and videos, plus tools to help you build websites and market your business. This is the best course on the web, especially for newbies.

All the training is in step by step process and you can go through it as many times as needed. The best part of this program is you have members as well as the teachers that you can call upon when you are stuck or just don’t understand something.

You can join completely for free and have many resources available to you or you can become a paid member for a low monthly fee and increase your available resources to become successful faster. This program has been around for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of members become successful, both newbies and those that already had experience. You can take a look at Free vs Paid HERE


IBOToolbox – Independent Business Owners Toolbox is a network of online business owners. IBO provides a place where independent newbies and established business owners can market their businesses in many different ways for free. The reason it is called a “Toolbox” is because of all the marketing tools that include everything from social media marketing to press releases that get ranked in Google and are designed to drive traffic to your website. Like Wealthy Affiliate you have a community of people you can ask help from as well as instructors. There are also banner, video, traffic and many more resources available to you. This is a resource you really should have, especially considering it is free.


Solo Build It – This is a Canadian based company founded in 1997 to help solo-entrepreneurs, meaning the little guy like mom and pop type business’ and those who want to make money online. Their sole purpose is to help provide people with detailed educational information, resources, guides and a system that will enable them to set up their own business and earn money online. SBI is actually around $20 cheaper than Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership but they still offer comparable training plus they have 24/7 support if you get stuck.


Dreambuilder University – This is the ultimate guide in Drop Ship Training and Ecommerce you will find online anywhere. The training teaches you how to optimize your product descriptions, titles and keywords to gain maximum traffic. You also learn how to copy write your sales descriptions so that your content is compelling and converts well into sales. You have the choice of selling physical products, digital products or even services. The training program teaches you how to set up and run a drop shipping business with very little initial outlay, so it’s great for beginners.


Gorilla Marketing – This is a training platform for internet marketers that teaches you how to get more traffic, grow your social media presence, and grow your email list just to name a few. There is Facebook training, YouTube and video training along with SEO training. The commissions you can earn on referrals is not that great but considering it is free and has a good reputation with honest people, the training material, email tools and more that you will get out of it is well worth signing up for.


Affilorama – An organization that is dedicated to teaching all aspects of affiliate marketing to take you from a complete “newbie” to a high-rolling “super affiliate”. It is free to join and maintain a free membership, no massive joining fee, no subscription charges, no ridiculous hype, no catch. You can upgrade or join as a premium member to increase your available resources to speed up your training. You can view your options HERE. This course does offer over 100 training videos, community help forums, tools, and more. This course is around $20 higher than Wealthy Affiliate but it does offer a good amount of training.


Affiliate Networks To Join:

Clickbank – Is a top 100 online retailer with 200 million customers, ClickBank sells digital products worldwide created by entrepreneurs. From advice for getting in shape to healthy cooking recipes and dating advice, ClickBank delivers digital lifestyle products to customers in 190 countries. I find getting started and signing up with Clickbank very easy and recommend them highly for newbies.

JVZoo – Is a popular affiliate network among people in the “make money online” industry. Most of what’s sold on there is info products like ebooks, video tutorials, software, apps, plugins, and things related to email marketing, list building, self help, product development and more. This is another easy to sign up with and promote products for newbies.

ShareASale – They have been in business for 17 years and promote a wide variety of all type of products. The have great support and is another great newbie startup.

Clicksure – Offers a huge variety of products and has really nice tools for affiliates to use to for tracking and offer high converting offers with weekly payouts including CPA. 24/7 support and you get two account managers that you can chat with on Skype.

MaxBounty – This is another good one for newbies to signup with, they have popular advertisers and products and good communications with your account manager.

CJ.COM – Also known as Commission Junction. Even though this network has been around for a long time and has really popular advertisers and products, I wouldn’t recommend them for a newbie. Unless you are selling thousands a week and have millions of visitors to your sites, you will be rejected for over half of the advertiser networks you sign up for. They also leave you in limbo on pending applications, you have to check everything manually and usually if you are declined, there is no reason for it and you can’t talk to anyone that can help you get approved.


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  1. Agnes
    August 21, 2017 @ 6:11 pm

    Thank you for such theral guidance and explanation. Even though I have done the research already, I enjoyed this read and used it as a refresher and reminder why I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate in the first place. Why I chose to learn how to become an affiliate marketing pro and work from home. Even though Im just starting out, I totaly see the potential therefore there is no turning back.
    This is a great referrence for me!



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