What Stay At Home Jobs Are There

Stay at home jobs are easier to come by than you would think. Discover what is available and decide what type of work at home career you want.

How Do You Find A Stay At home Job?

Stay at home jobs have been on the rise since around 2008. As the internet has become faster and more enhanced, VPN connections into work have put more employees in their homes. Businesses started seeing the benefit of having remote workers. For a company, this starts reducing overhead cost.

Telecommute opportunities are more available now. You can find stay at home jobs on Craigslist, every search engine has plenty of results and job boards everywhere has listings.

For the question, "How Do You Find A Stay At Home Job"? I will start by telling you where not to find these types of jobs. Consequently, as the need has risen for stay at home jobs,  so has the number of scammers.

Beware Of The Scams

In today's times, there are more and more single full time parents in need of a telecommute job. Unfortunately, low life "spam-scammers" see this as an opportunity to use and abuse people in this need. Keep in mind, any offer from anywhere that sounds too good to be true is.

These "low life's" are counting on your emotional state to be stressed and desperate for a work at home solution. In short, you are the fish and they are pretty good bait. Read more on these on my post, "Work From Home Scams".

Email Scams

You probably have your resume on job boards and even LinkedIn. These scamming degenerates, find your email address from these sites. The next thing you know, an email pops in your inbox offering you a stay at home job, it claims low hours and big pay. "This is a scam"

They have several reasons to want you to email them back. One, they are looking to get your IP address from your computer or device. An IP address can give them an advantage on hacking your system to get private credentials to basically rob you or steal your identity.

These emails often contain links for you to click on. These links can do pretty much what I just mentioned or can be a download to load malware or a full on virus onto your computer.

Always look at the "From" address in an email. Avoid everything that comes from "mail.ru". No business is going to send you a job offer from a Yahoo or Gmail account. You know it is a scam if the email is from "jane.doe@gmail.com" offering you a job from a company called Brass Rings. The majority of companies have domains, so it should be more like, "jane.doe@brassrings.com.

Emails That Just Want To Sell You Something

There will be emails with something like, "Start Your Online Business Today", or "Make Money From Home". It is possible that these can be legit programs and it is certainly worth checking it out. However these are usually wanting you to buy into a program that are made more for Internet Marketers.

Online Marketing may be an interest of yours and it can make people big money. Although, if you are looking for a job or a way to start your own business, this probably wouldn't be for you.

These type emails are made to get you hyped about all the $100's or $1000's you could make in the first week. Ignore that crap, 99% of people are not going to get those results. The end result will be, you spend your money and get nothing in return.

Internet Marketers think they are helping people that are wanting a stay at home job. Unfortunately, they don't understand that many people are not cut out for marketing. I have tried it and it's hard. Many people are just looking for something that can bring in money like a job but where they can stay home, something less complicated.

Ads On Websites And Emails

There is one ad that is all over websites and it comes in emails as well. It is an ad that usually reads, "Local Mom makes $27-$37/HR At Home and you won't believe how she does it". This and others made like it, are the biggest scams on the Internet, targeting people looking for legitimate jobs.

As mentioned above, if you are not seeing a legitimate company name. A company name you can check out, it's a scam. Any marketing program can make a claim that a product can make you so much an hour and you will see that a lot. However, unless it is a real business with some type of contract you can work with, don't bother with it.

The aforementioned Local Mom scam wants your money to buy into a program that sometimes isn't real. If it is the one that is real, it doesn't work. Always do reviews on any product or program offered before buying into it.

Types Of Stay At Home Jobs

One of the sad part of getting any job, in most cases it isn't anything you really want to do. Since you are looking for a stay at home job, you might as well find something you like and can even be passionate about.

There are all sorts of Survey Companies but if you are looking for an income to pay bills and don't want to stay glued to your computer all day, forget these. Surveys pay very little, although some people make money at them because they have nothing else to do.

Survey Jobs mean you stay glued to sites looking for surveys to take. What most don't know, is this is a competitive task. You are trying to beat other people to get all the surveys you can. Consider they pay anywhere from 50 cents to possibly $5 a survey, it isn't worth the amount of time you have to put in it.

There are more legitimate survey companies out there and you could make anywhere between $150 to $1500 per month. It may serve as a side income if you have the time and patients.

​Survey Sites

Possible Stay At Home Careers

​Below is a list of jobs that can be worked from home. All of these type jobs can be found on ​Job Boards, Career Fairs and Company Sites. If you are not sure what any of these Job Titles are, feel free to Contact Me...


​Project Manager

​Tutor - Home/Online


​Proof Reader

​Virtual Assistant


​Social Media Manager/Influencer

​Voice Talent

​Call Center Representative

​Tech Support Specialist

​Web Developer/Designer

​Data Entry

​Therapist - Family

​Website ​Blogger

​Daycare Provider

​Therapist - Marriage

​​Website Tester/Evaluator

​Event Planner

​Therapist - Massage

​​Writer - Blog Post

​Graphic Designer

​Therapist - Occupational

​Writer - Books

​Insurance Agent

​Therapist - Physical

​​Writer - eBooks

​Medical Transcript


​​Writer - Journalist

​Music Instrument Lessons

​Travel Agent


To view a much larger list and descriptions of these careers, ​Click Here

Sites That Offer Legitimate Stay At Home Jobs

​When doing your research for telecommute jobs, make a list of company names that are reoccurring. After collecting the company names, do reviews on them to see what others are saying. You may need a job, but don't put yourself in a position working for a bad company. Doing reviews will also filter out the scams.

Below are some of the top 14 Companies that offer Stay At home Jobs:


Telesales Representatives, Medicare Sales Representatives, and Telecommute Registered Nurses.


A data collection company that provides high-quality training data for machine learning to improve AI solutions and make them more human-like.

Allegis Transcription

Allegis has a customized work portal that allows at-home transcriptionists to select files of their choice in length at any time of their choosing – 24 hours a day seven days a week.


Virtual positions available: Technical Sourcing Recruiter, Sr. Regional Manager of EHS, Operations Supervisor, Sr. Manager of Workforce Operations, Senior Consultant of Migrations, Sr. Regional Logistics Loss Prevention Manager plus more.

American Express

Travel Counselor, Virtual Travel Consultant, Boutique Travel Consultant, Senior Manager of Client Management, Customer Care Professional, Virtual Team Leader plus more.


AppDynamics is the Application Intelligence company. Pre-Sales Engineers, Pre-Sales Engineer, Domain Architect, Sales Engineers, Content Developer, Sr. Consultant, Solutions Architect, Demo Engineer, Senior Consultant, Senior Sales Engineer plus more.


At Home Advisor, At Home Team Manager, At Home Area Manager, French Speaking At Home AppleCare Partner Relations Advisor, AppleCare At-Home Advisor (Customer Service Mandarin Support), At-Home RCC Chat Sales Specialist – French plus more.


Systems Consultant, Account Executive, Category Manager, Inside Sales Account Manager, Advisory Systems Engineer, Sales Support Administrator, Client Director, Online Sr. Manager plus more.


Work From Home Reservation Sales Representatives, Work From Home Customer Service Representatives.


Accounts Support Specialist, Core Content Writer, Design Manager, HR Business Partner, Technical Support Engineer, Video and Livestream Producer, Financial Analyst, Enterprise Support Manager Remote, Video and Livestream Producer plus more.


Enterprise Account Executive, Senior Enterprise Account Executive, SEO Specialist-Germany, Customer Success Specialist, Senior Analyst of Sales Operations, Salesforce Administrator plus more.


Retail Claims Operations Manager, Home Care Account Executive, Medicare Sales Representative, Senior NLP Data Scientist, Corporate Strategy Analyst, Claims Administrator, Senior Content Leader plus more.


SAT Prep Tutor, BAR Regional Director, GMAT Prep Instructor, Full-Time Content Developer, Technology Engineer, Securities/Insurance Instructor, ACT Prep Instructor plus more.


Schellman is a leading provider of attestation and compliance services. Senior IT Auditors positions.


Sitel is a call center industry. Work at Home agents nationwide positions.

​Be sure to read more about Online Jobs on my Post "Legit Work From Home Jobs"

In Conclusion

Getting any type of job, no matter if at is a brick and mortar location or online. Try to pick one that you will be happy doing. To get a job you can love and be passionate about would be really wonderful. Working from home and online gives you more of a chance to find the perfect job.

When doing your research, always check reviews of the company you are considering working for. There are plenty of bad places to work for. Thanks to the internet, now people and hiring agencies post these reviews.

Always ensure that the company you are considering working for is legitimate. There are too many scam offers out there today. Just remember, scammers target people who are desperate.

Collect names of companies that show up often in searches. Most likely these companies have good standings and would be good to work for.

Best of luck on your job searches.