Work from home scams – the one to watch for

More and more people are searching for a secure work from home job opportunity they can actually trust. Sadly there are so many scams preying on those that are looking for these type of careers. One of the most popular work from home scams seems to be popping up on sites that you would normally trust.

forbes-indeedSites like Forbes, Indeed and other big names are posting links that read, “Work From Home – $27/hr”; “Top 3″ Work At Home Jobs; Post Links and Make Up To $379 a day; or Work At Home Opportunity, Earn $379 per Day.

You will find a variety of wording that follows the above for these type links but they all take you to the same looking page that seems to change its business name more often than we change socks. All of which are work from home online jobs frauds. Lately it has been the same person that seems to be offering the program, “Kelly Simmons”.

How many of you have run across this type of offer or Kelly Simmons’ opportunities? Or have seen the same type things under different names, if so feel free to leave me a comment letting me know as I plan on continuing locating these type scams…

Below is a list of work from home scams that Kelly Simmons is using as company names and domain names. Of course all with the same layout and page, mostly a duplicate but sometimes a variance. So beware of these names:


Secure Job Position

Online Jobs Now

Home Job Placement

Afternoon Income

Cash From Home


Dead Giveaways On This Work At Home Scam

Usually you are lead into her first page that look like a professional newspaper article. It is very well designed because it looks pretty official. But this is where you as the consumer need to apply a little detective work like Lt. Columbo..

work from home scams

First notice the article was written by Amanda Winston, a Consumer Trend Investigator. Go look her up, she is fake as this news article. In fact she is used in many other scams to promote authenticity.




Fake New Endorsements

Then you have yet another big trick and this is one that is a play on words. You have in the top right corner or anywhere on the page really, that states “Work From Home Opportunities Have Been Featured On”. Then there are quite a few main media logos such as CNN, Fox New and more.

Of course just about all main news medias and even the lesser ones have talked about “Work From Home Opportunities”. But if you notice, it doesn’t make the claim that this program is the one that was referred on any media. It is just a plain generic statement that could refer to any program.

All these pages usually have a video that is a clip from a news reporter talking about work at home jobs. This video has been referred to as a “Fake News Report” but I really doubt it is fake.

If you pay attention, it is like the “Work From Home Opportunities” statement, it doesn’t refer to this program. It is a clip that Kelly Simmons has used to help promote her work at home scams. If you watch and listen to it, there is no mention or reference to this offer.


They Have To Admit To Their Lies

They also admit under their Terms of Service, (TOS), that they are not affiliated or supported by any news media or publication. You can read this under “Warranties” on their TOS.



If you read these work from home scams sites TOS (Terms of Service), you can see that they openly admit that names are not real as well as any other story told on the site. They have to write that in there for legal reasons, they just do not expect anyone ever actually reading it or understanding it but you can view their TOS HERE.

work from home online jobs frauds


Is The Limited Positions Left Really True?

If you took notice, you have the intimidating counter for how many spots are left for you to grab this awesome opportunity. I have personally seen this program since 2013 and so far they haven’t run out of spots yet. This is another tactic to push you into buying into this work at home scams.



Fake Testimonials

Even the testimonials are fake, they have used stock photos from companies like Shutterstock and like in this photo, Snapixel. If you are ever curious, you can right click on a picture, save it to the desktop and then do a Google search in Images and you will see everywhere else the photo is being used.



Is There A Real Job?

Sadly all you will get is some lame outdated training that really won’t help you. Many people can write an article or get something they want to sell online but the real training is getting real traffic, getting real people in front of your offer and all of these work from home scams will not teach you this.

They lie to you telling you that you can make money posting links. It is always best to do your research, so do a search engine search for real companies that hire people to post links. Or the other big scam is copy and paste worksheets, again another fictitious job.

Another clue to this all being fake is the amount of money they claim you will make, such as $8000 in your first month. Awesome as that sounds, it just isn’t going to happen. There are real companies looking to hire people to work from home, check them out HERE


Here Is What You Get For Your Money

This work at home scam with all its different names and avenues to get there, is running from $67 to $97 and what you get is nothing in return. You also can’t get your money back with under 30 days. You can find that in the fine print.

Then comes the upsells, that’s right, they don’t stop at the one time purchase fee, they want more!! Not only are you going to go through upsell pages but you are going to get your emails blown up with upsells, and other product sells. Oh, did you forget you had to give them a phone number?

Well not only do they bug the crap out of you to sell you more products, but they also sell your phone number to other solicitors and they will start calling you. So what you get for your money is a lot of aggravation and no real training or support to help you make a real income online.

If you are interested in learning about training in making money online, click HERE


Bottom Line

This Work At Home Scam that currently Kelly Simmons is running has all the signs you should look for in any offer. First off, any time you see or read that the offer has limited spaces or a limited time it will be offered, then you know it is either fake or the advertiser is using not so ethical tactics to push you into the product.

Always look at the testimonials, check the images to see where else they are used. Pay attention to wording in endorsements. Always stop before going to far into a product and look for reviews on the product. Also do reviews on the author of the product or do reviews on the person who wrote an article on the product.

This offer is one you should stay away from, I wouldn’t even trust using a credit card to test it or try it out. It has been around for years and what you get in return is nothing.

Do not let the work from home scams discourage you, there are real opportunities out there, see one of my recommended and tried method to learning how to make money online HERE..

There are thousands of scams out there and I would like to learn all about them and report them. So how many of you have run into these type scams? Leave me a comment or contact me and tell your story. the more we can expose these type of scams, the more people we help focus on programs that work..

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