Ways to Make Working From Home Look Even Better

By Guest Writer | Work From Home

May 14

Working from home has many advantages. None the least of which is that you get to decide how office or work area looks and feels. But understanding how to be your happiest and most productive self in your home workplace means knowing all the elements that go into creating that. Let look into some ways to make working from home look better.

Working From Home Look

It is important it is for you to work each day in a way that enhances your life. Not just as a chore to get through but what makes you happy. Creating a pleasant environment helps you get out of the office rut. It can set the mood for bigger and better opportunities for yourself, your family, and the business. Whenever your job is something you enjoy, that makes your work much more rewarding and easy. A pleasing atmosphere makes for better productivity.


An important consideration, is your office lighting. Natural sunlight is good if it’s diffused or bounces off the walls. However, direct sunlight makes reading computer screens difficult since the light they emit is significantly less than the sun.

Artificial light is easier to control too and should be brighter in the morning when you’re ready to be alert. It should be dimmer as the day draws to a close, allowing you to gradually unwind. While warm lighting is ideal for relaxing, cooler lights are better for working. Arrange lights so that there are no harsh shadows and, just like artificial light, they should be diffused with shades or angles to allow the light to bounce off of walls or ceilings. This in itself will give you a working from home look that should be pleasing.

Lighting can also be very important to the type office or work area you need for you job. It is particularly crucial for at home multipurpose studios.

Your Office Walls 

No more drab, plain, gray walls or partitions for you in your home office. And while your choices are completely up to you, there are still some good office-friendly rules to consider. Blue is an ideal color for productivity, but unrelieved blue or any color walls can look monotonous and uninspiring. Consider wallpaper on one or more of your office walls. You don’t have to be resigned to your mother’s old wallpaper either. The world of wallpaper choices is almost endless and even includes removable peel & stick wallpaper that’s easy to apply yourself and change as often as you want since removing it is easy and doesn’t leave residue behind. You can choose from hundreds of designs or even upload your own!


Investing in a good, ergonomically correct chair may be the one thing you should spare no expense on. Your daily productivity and long-term health depend on proper alignment for your body. This is important, sitting for long hours of each day can be harmful to your ergonomics.

A “Sit-Stand Desk” is a good alternative to a traditional desk. Anytime you can reduce the number of hours you sit is better for your health. Standing part of the workday means less back pain and muscle tightness, and increased productivity, plus standing burns more calories than sitting.


There are multiple reasons to bring a little bit of nature into your office. Plants not only release oxygen, but they can also remove toxic chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Plants also improve our mood and lessen stress. Taking lighting conditions and space into consideration, there are some plants that do better indoors than others like Pothos, Snake Plant, English Ivy, and Cactus.

Nice Touches 

A small, dorm-sized refrigerator can keep your water and snacks like fresh fruit cool and nearby without the need for you to keep returning to the kitchen where you may be tempted by other, less nutritious, and more lethargy-producing snacking options. Using an exercise ball instead of a chair from time to time can get your juices flowing as can a mini-trampoline. When you need time to think and ponder, having a puzzle or some Legos to work on can free up the part of your brain that needs to concentrate on your work task, while you focus on other things.

Working from home has so many benefits and can truly be life-changing. Making the best out of your environment with imagination and creativity, will have positive results. When you’re happy at your job or business, productivity goes up as well as quality. Being able to design your own work environment, is far better than working in a traditional controlled area. Plus, this is your home. You should want a working from home look, that makes your work experience gratifying and matches the house.

Hannah Simpson