Why Do People Want To Work From Home

By Rodney Parks | Work From Home

Jul 26

Create Freedom

Have you been thinking about working from home or do you wonder why do people want to work from home? The best answer anyone can give and it is the most common reason for both, it’s Freedom… It seems in today’s life, we are busier than ever, there’s just never enough time.

Why do people want to work from home?

Why do people want to work from homeMost jobs demand at least 8 hours of your day 5 days a week. Sadly, that is light compared to those working two jobs or jobs with longer hours. With that kind of work schedule, doing the mundane task at home becomes hard to schedule. You have to sacrifice the time somewhere, sadly it ends up being friends or loved-ones.

I am a single full time dad, I have an automotive business and I do internet marketing. The garage life sucks up more time than I want it to. On top of work, I have cooking, cleaning, driving my kid around and trying to spend quality time with her. At the end of the day, there is no time for me. No doubt I am getting older and I would like to enjoy my life before checking out.


First Starting Out

When I first looked into internet marketing I was really skeptical. I thought it all was either a scam, MLM, selling people you know crap they don’t want or would be too complicated for me to do. With nearly 20 har first starting out in online businessyears of IT experience, I wasn’t too afraid of the technical side of things but more afraid of the marketing aspect.

I come to realize that persistence, consistency, dedication and believing in yourself is really what you have to have. In the beginning, focusing was a real challenge. Too many interest and distractions. Once I started focusing on one niche at a time and one project at a time, it started coming together.

Working from home isn’t easy, not because of the work it requires discipline. I mean you are at home, watching the tube or sleeping might be tempting than sticking to your business. So why do people want to work from home if it requires such self-discipline?

No Regrets

In the end, the freedom you gain and the money you can make is well worth the effort. This may sound like it is really hard to do and can be. You have to “Keep your eye on the prize”. Anyone can give up, but there is regret. Living with regrets, always wondering what could have been if I tried. That is just too high of a price.

I really feel it would be better to try and fail, than to just sit there procrastinating about it until it is too late to act. That is a key factor in any business, “ACT”. There is nothing wrong to make a plan, or think about how to deal with things. But when there is an opportunity at hand, you act on it, not ponder on it and miss it.


Inspirational Reasons To Work From Home

As mentioned, many are looking for a work at home opportunity. However, there are other reasons people look for an online income or a home business. Working at home is ideal for those that are disabled. Some of which can’t walk and have lost a certain amount of quality of life.Why do people want to work from home

It was the disabled or handicapped people that inspired me. They will not give up from trying to better their lives. It made me think of all that I have had going against me. In comparison, seeing how they made themselves successful with their challenges, woke me up.

There are also people required to stay at home. Those “stay at home parents” much like myself. Those that have it even worse, caring for a sick loved one or the elderly. Then you have those with a low immunity system that can’t leave home.

Other Inspirations

People that are retired have found running a business from home not only profitable but gives them purpose. I find it real inspirational that the elderly can make a living from home. There are many elderly people that help other elderly people from charities from home. Disabled Veterans also work regular jobs from home. Some have profitable blogs and help other Veterans through specific organizations.

Even kids are making money online through blogging about games, doing YouTube videos with FlexClip video editor and much more. So really anyone can make money online, you just have to have vision and determination.

Making Money Online

Make no mistake, internet marketing or just making money online is work and takes some investments. working from home can be hardMany people think you just get online and put something out there and you will be rich. Once this doomed plan fails, they give up.

Making money online requires discipline and work. It does require some money but for those on a budget, you can do a lot for free and what cost do incur, is very little. The goal is to get some money coming in and then use that money to scale up.

So why do people want to work from home knowing that they are going to be taking on a real business? Aside from freedom, it can give anyone a sense of accomplishment to take an idea and turn it into a reality. The goal is to put yourself in financial freedom so that you may live a better life.

For anyone wanting to start working from home full time or part time, realize this is a job. It is work and in the beginning, you will put time and money into it just like you would with any business, that is if you plan for it to be successful.


Be Careful Out There

So do not fall into these scams and hype that claim you will be in 6 figures in a month or even 6 months. Can that be done, yes, but that is if you already have lots of experience accompanied with a lot of money to invest. Even if you plan on getting into high commission deals, you will want to start small and at least learn how all this works before going all out.

Keep coming back to visit, I will be posting “How To’s”, tips and more to help those who are serious about succeeding at an online business. If you are interested in knowing more about what it takes to do Internet Marketing, check out my page on Training. As always, drop me a line, I always try to respond back to everyone…

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